How do I use the weapons?

These are the standard weapons on the ROBLOX games. There were once a set of Featured maps on Roblox, before the custom user games took over. These maps can be found scattered about, but they are outdated and some of the code may not work properly anymore. This page is left for archival purposes, as you can still find the weapons around Roblox.


The wall builder creates a wall that is centered under the mouse cursor. It has unlimited range. Walls last for 24 seconds. It can be used defensively to shield an attack or offensively to annoy other people.
The sword can be only ranged with a short distance around you, but does great damage. Click once for a basic slash, or click twice for a devastating lunge!
  Time Bomb
Time bombs look like orbs that flash blue and pink. The faster a bomb ticks, the closer it is to explosion. These can destroy large structures instantly that might not be destructible with other tools. It will deal splash damage within a certain radius. Also, it is affected by other bombs, so one bomb can push another by exploding.
The slingshot has a fast reload time, allowing rapid fire. The projectiles react to physics, so they knock over loose brick, walls, etc. The projectiles will automatically arc to a target, but it has a maximum range.
The rocket is the most used weapon in the game. It deals a one-hit KO, but has a long reload time. The rocket reacts with bricks, so if it hits another object, be it a player, or a brick, or a bouncy ball, it will explode on contact. They can easily be blocked by a quick wallbuilder tool, slingshot balls, or another rocket.
  Game Tool
This little tool lets you grab bricks that are not locked and move them about, so you can make an impromptu fort. It can move nearly everything on a map, and if someone forgets to lock a model, you can tear it apart.  
The superball is the weapon with the longest range. It has a high maximum range and can bounce extremely far. The ball reacts with physics, so it can be used to block other shots. It will deal less damage after each bounce, so hitting the target without bouncing is best.
The flamethrower emits small particles which spread out upon firing. It deals high damage, but has a very short range.

How do I move bricks?

The Game Tool is a standard player tool, available on most maps. It is the basic tool for dragging bricks and models.


To use the Game Tool, the player must select a brick, which cannot be locked, by clicking on it. When a brick that is not locked is under the cursor, the Game Tool cursor becomes a hand icon. When there is no unlocked brick under the cursor, the Game Tool displays an arrow. When a brick is selected, the player can move the mouse to drag it around the map. The tool can move anchored bricks. The Game Tool does not move entire models, instead moving the part of the model that was clicked on. To move entire models, either the Drag tool, which is available in Roblox Studio, or its equivalent, the Model Tool, must be used.

How do I get a t-shirt?

The Shirt object is the shirt of a player, found under the Torso.


The Shirt only incorporates global functions.


In addition to the global properties, the Shirt also uses these properties:


The Shirt only incorporates global events.

Retrieved from “

How do I sell a t-shirt?

Only Builder’s Club members can sell Shirts

If you are a member of Builder’s Club:

  1. Go to the bottom of your My Roblox page and select a shirt you have made.
  2. Click Configure this T-shirt
  3. Check the Sell This Item checkbox.
  4. Fill in the price and a nice description.
  5. Click Update near the bottom of the page.

Your shirt will now be available for sale!

  1. Go to Catalog
  2. Click Shirts
  3. Click Recently Updated or For sale and look for your shirt!
  4. However, Roblox will charge a 10% market fee on whatever you earn.[1]

How do I make Shirts and Pants?


Now you can have all the fun of working in a textile mill here in ROBLOX! I’m talking about making your own pants and shirts, either for yourself or to sell to your fellow ROBLOXians whose fashion sense or artistic skill might not be as great as your own.

Anyone can purchase new shirts and pants in the ROBLOX Catalog. However, creating and selling these exciting new products is an exclusive Builders Club privilege.

Getting Started


First go to your character customization page. Click the type of item you would like to create (Shirts or Pants). Then click “Create”.

First you need to download the shirt template to your computer. This is a picture that you draw on to create you own shirt. I personally use a very old version of Paint Shop Pro to create my shirts. You can use whichever image editing program you like. Paint.NET is a decent free one. GIMP is another. Some users will even use the plain old Microsoft paint program to make their shirts and pants.

How do I make hats?


Now you can have all the fun of working in a textile mill here in ROBLOX! I’m talking about making your own pants and shirts, either for yourself or to sell to your fellow ROBLOXians whose fashion sense or artistic skill might not be as great as your own.

Anyone can purchase new shirts and pants in the ROBLOX Catalog. However, creating and selling these exciting new products is an exclusive Builders Club privilege.

Getting Started

First go to your character customization page. Click the type of item you would like to create (Shirts or Pants). Then click “Create”.

First you need to download the shirt template to your computer. This is a picture that you draw on to create you own shirt. I personally use a very old version of Paint Shop Pro to create my shirts. You can use whichever image editing program you like. Paint.NET is a decent free one. GIMP is another. Some users will even use the plain old Microsoft paint program to make their shirts and pants.

How do I get Builder’s Club?

The Builder’s Club is a premium subscription service designed to enhance the ROBLOX experience for enthusiastic players. Players will not be required to upgrade to Builders Club in order to enjoy the full-featured online building experience that they enjoy today. Revenue from Builder’s Club subscriptions will be cycled back into product development to further improve and expand ROBLOX.

How do I get in?

You need to pay a small sum of real-life money. The prices for Builder’s Club are:

  • $5.95 for a month
  • $29.95 for 6 months
  • $57.95 for 1 year


  • You can create up to 10 places on one account. This is the best feature, as you will be getting more visits to your places.
  • You will not see any ads on for external sites.
  • You receive the exclusive Builder’s Club construction hard hat.
  • You will get a shiny Builder’s Club badge on your profile page.
  • You can sell stuff (T-shirts, pants, and shirts) to other users.
  • You get a daily allowance of 15 ROBUX (~450 R$ per month or 5,400R$ per year).
  • You can make pants and shirts and publish them on roblox so you can earn money while selling your shirts.

When your Builder’s Club membership expires, you will be able to keep both the 10 places and the Builder’s Club Hard Hat. You will once again see the ads to join Builder’s Club on Roblox and you won’t have the Builder’s Club badge and won’t be able to use Builder’s Club Privileges.

On August 16, 2007, Builder’s Club was officially available for purchase. A Builder’s Club Upgrade Link was added to the navigation bar on Roblox. Don’t forget you must have parent’s permission before using their credit card! Otherwise, you may be banned.

Payment Options

Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover Novus, Amex.

Paypal: Paypal.

“Please do not mail cash to ROBLOX headquarters.”[1]

How do I get Badges & Robux?

There are several ways to compete for fame or notoriety on Roblox.


Roblox awards Badges to players who accomplish specific deeds. Some of these badges are very easy to get while others can only be earned by expert players.

  Combat InitiationThis badge is given to any player who has proven his or her combat abilities by accumulating 10 victories in battle. Players who have this badge are not complete newbies and probably know how to handle their weapons.
  WarriorThis badge is given to the warriors of Robloxia, who have time and time again overwhelmed their foes in battle. To earn this badge, you must rack up 100 knockouts. Anyone with this badge knows what to do in a fight!
{{{link}}} BloxxerAnyone who has earned this badge is a very dangerous player indeed. Those Robloxians who excel at combat can one day hope to achieve this honor, the Bloxxer Badge. It is given to the warrior who has bloxxed at least 250 enemies and who has tasted victory more times than he or she has suffered defeat. Salute!
{{{link}}} HomesteadThe homestead badge is earned by having your personal place visited 100 times. Players who achieve this have demonstrated their ability to build cool things that other Robloxians were interested enough in to check out. Get a jump-start on earning this reward by inviting people to come visit your place.
{{{link}}} BricksmithThe Bricksmith badge is earned by having a popular personal place. Once your place has been visited 1000 times, you will receive this award. Robloxians with Bricksmith badges are accomplished builders who were able to create a place that people wanted to explore a thousand times. They no doubt know a thing or two about putting bricks together.
  InviterRobloxia is a vast uncharted realm, as large as the imagination. Individuals who invite others to join in the effort of mapping this mysterious region are honored in Robloxian society. Citizens who successfully recruit three or more fellow explorers via the Share Roblox with a Friend mechanism are awarded with this badge.
  FriendshipThis badge is given to players who have embraced the Roblox community and have made at least 20 friends. People who have this badge are good people to know and can probably help you out if you are having trouble.
  Administrator BadgeThis badge identifies anyone who actually works at Roblox. If anyone is claiming to have administrator powers, or claims to be on the Roblox team, check and see if they have this badge. If they do not, they are lying and you should use the “Report Abuse” function immediately.
  Super Moderator BadgeThis badge identifies an account as belonging to a ROBLOX Super Moderator. Only official ROBLOX moderators possess this badge. If someone claims to be a moderator, but does not have this badge, they are potentially trying to mislead you. Super Moderators are vigilant on all areas of ROBLOX including the forums, images, game chats and some secret areas. They have the awesome power of the glowing hammer and are not afraid to use it.
  Forum ModeratorUsers with this badge are forum moderators. They have special powers on the ROBLOX forum and are able to delete threads that violate the Community Guidelines. This badge is granted by invitation only.
  Image ModeratorUsers with this badge are image moderators. Image moderators have special powers on ROBLOX that allow them to approve or disapprove images that other users upload. Rejected images are immediately banished from the site.
  Builder’s ClubMembers of the illustrious Builders Club display this badge proudly. The Builders Club is a paid premium service. Members receive several benefits: they get ten places on their account instead of one, they get the ability to browse the web site without external ads, they can sell shirts to gain Robux and Tix, and pre-release features may become available to club members for advanced play-testing. Other special privileges for Builders Club members are planned and will be unveiled over time.
  VeteranThis decoration is awarded to all citizens who have played ROBLOX for at least year. It recognizes stalwart community members who have stuck with us over countless releases and have helped shape ROBLOX into the game that it is today. These medalists are the true steel, the core of the Robloxian history … and its future.


When you go to your Roblox homepage, you will notice a box titled “Statistics”. Inside this box are some numbers. This is what they track:

  • Friends – The number of friends you have. If there are enough, it will display “All” instead of a number.
  • Forum Posts – The number of posts you have made to the Roblox forums.
  • Profile Views – The number of times your homepage has been viewed.
  • Place Visits – The number of visits to your place. This is the sum of people who’ve visited any of the places on your account while online. Visits accumulated is a profile statistic, not a statistic of your place. If you delete one of your places, and start a new one, your visit count will not be reset to zero.
  • Knockouts – The total number of knockouts your character has scored in-game.
  • Wipeouts – The total number of wipeouts your character has suffered in-game.


 Robux are the currency of Robloxia. Currently, there are three ways for citizens to earn Robux. Members of the Builder’s Club receive fifteen(15) Robux daily whether they log in or not. Builder’s Club members also can sell shirts and other character styles for Robux, and get 90% of the profit. You can also buy Robux at the Roblox Central Bank. You can spend Robux on stuff listed in the Catalog for the time being.



 Robloxian Tickets are earned by other people going to your place or a daily log in bonus or ten(10) tickets, and are rewarded with fabulous prizes. Tickets are granted to citizens who are helping to expand and improve Robloxia. The primary way to get tickets is to either make a cool place, and then get people to visit it, or by winning a contest, or by selling something. For every person that visits your place, you get one ticket. The tickets can be spent on items in the Catalog.

How do I ask people to be my friend?

How Do I Ask Someone To Be My Friend?

Step 1. Get to their user profile. The easiest way to get to this is by typing the person’s username into the the search bar of the Roblox website’s people page and clicking “Search”. Once you find the person’s profile you are looking for, click on that person’s username.

Step 2. Select the “Send Friend Request” option on their profile (send message). If it doesn’t come up it means that person is already your friend.

Step 3. Come up with a friendly message that tells the person, briefly, who you are and why you two should be friends. Although it is possible to send a friend request without words to someone, that person may not know or remember who you are. A short message is very helpful.

Step 4. Send the message. You may want to double-check your grammar and spelling first.

Now all that’s left to do is to wait until the person receives your Friend Request. If they accept, you will get a message titled “ROBLOX: System Message [Friend Request: Accepted]”. If they decline, you will get a message titled “ROBLOX: System Message [Friend Request: Declined]”. Don’t be too down if someone declines; it may just mean that they didn’t remember you as well as you thought they might or they clicked the wrong button. You can try sending another Friend Request, but remember: multiple Friend Requests can get annoying.

How Do I Check My Friend Requests?

On your user profile, any current Friend Requests will appear just below your My Friends and Statistics boxes, above your Models. You can click on individual requests to read the message, and accept or decline from there; or put your cursor over the title of the Friend Request box and choose to accept or decline all current requests.

How Do I Delete Friends?

To delete friends, there is an “edit” button next to the amount of friends you have. Click this and you should see your friends list with a “Delete” button below each name.

What Do Friends Do?

Adding somebody as a friend will add them to your My Friends section, allowing you to quickly go to their profile by clicking on them. You can also get the Friendship Badge by having at least 20 friends and you can also get the Inviter Badge by inviting people to join Roblox

How can I save old versions of my place?

Change to an earlier version

You can change to an earlier place version on ROBLOX. Just go to the Configure this Place page and at the bottom is a list of earlier versions. Click the one you want to make the current place.

Version Your Place on Your Hard Drive

If you’re building a big place and making lots of places, it’s a good idea to save old versions of your place. This way, if you make a big mistake, or the power goes out, or the Internet connection goes down during publish, or Roblox crashes, you can always get your place back. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Edit your place in Roblox Studio
  2. Regularly save your place to a folder on your hard drive (e.g. “My Documents/Roblox”) using the “File > Save” menu option
  3. When you want to publish, use the “File > Publish” menu

There are different versioning conventions. Here’s one:

  • myplace-v1.rbx
  • myplace-v2.rbx
  • myplace-v3.rbx

Here’s another:

  • myplace-20080621.rbx
  • myplace-20080622.rbx

And here’s still another:

  • myplace-v1-first-try.rbx
  • myplace-v2-place-built.rbx
  • myplace-v3-care-working.rbx


But I Already Lost My Place

If you can’t find the place on ROBLOX or on your hard drive then it is gone forever. It’s a good idea to always Save As and when you make new versions of your place.

How advertising works

 ROBLOX allows users to create ads to advertise their places, clothing, models, decals, etc. Ads are images that users upload. When the image is clicked, it goes to the thing that you are advertising.

Advertising is a good way to bring attention to the awesome thing you have just built. You may even be able to make money by buying ads for an item which other players may then purchase or visit.

Internet advertising is everywhere. If you get good at creating ad campaigns on ROBLOX, you are qualified for a lot of internet-related marketing jobs!

How Advertising on ROBLOX Works

1. Users like you create a good-looking ad for a specific place or item.

2. Those advertisers bid an amount of tickets.

3. When another user loads a page on, the ROBLOX Auction code decides which ad(s) to show them

How the Auction System Works

Advertisers don’t buy ad space on ROBLOX. They bid for it in an auction. There is a limited amount of ad space to go around (we only show so many ads per day), so an auction is run and the players who are willing to pay more, get more impressions.

In general, if you spend twice as much, you will get about twice as many impressions.


Say there are 3 ads in the system (there will often be 100s of ads in the system):

  • A – 50 tix
  • B – 100 tix
  • C – 300 tix

A user loads up the games page and we need to figure out which ad to show them. We can only pick one. Do we go with A, B, or C?

We actually pick one of A, B, or C at random. But we don’t give each ad equal odds. The probability that a specific ad is shown is equal to that ad’s bid, divided by the total bid for all ads in the system.

So, for example, P(A shows) = 50 / (50 + 100 + 300) = 1 in 9

B, with a bid double that of A, will show twice as often. P(B shows) = 2 in 9

C, with the highest bid, will show about 6 times more often than A. P(C shows) = 6 in 9  

Things to Know About the Auction System

  • There are 3 different sized ads: banners, skyscrapers, and large rectangles. A banner ad can’t go in a skyscraper slot and vice versa. Thus, unlike the example above, there are actually 3 separate auctions going on at all times for each of the different sized ads.
  • There are different numbers of slots for each of the ad types on ROBLOX. For example, the large rectangle only appears on the My ROBLOX and User pages. The banner, on the other hand, is on nearly every page. In theory this means that you should bid less on the large rectangle slots, because even if you win a large percentage of all rectangle auctions, you are still getting fewer relative impressions.



Impression – Every time a user sees your ad, that is 1 “impression”.

Clicks – Every time a user clicks on your ad, that is 1 “click”.

CTR – CTR is short for Click Through Rate. Simply, it is the percentage of people who see you add that click on it (clicks / impressions). If everyone who sees your ad clicks on it, you have a CTR of 100%. Good ads have a high CTR. A high CTR means you are buying clicks for cheap. A low CTR means you have to show your ad to a ton of people to get many clicks at all; and this is expensive.

Run – When you bid to display an ad, you are launching the ad on a “run”. Currently all runs last for 24 hours.

Banner – A banner ad is a 728 x 90 pixel ad.

Skyscraper – A skyscraper ad is a 160 x 600 pixel ad.

Large Rectangle – A large rectangle ad is 300 x 250 pixel ad.

Campaign – A ad campaign is a series of ads that are all advertising the same thing. The ROBLOX ad system doesn’t support campaigns specifically.

CPC – “Cost Per Click”. The ROBLOX ad system does not currently show you your CPC, but it is a very useful concept. Put plainly, it is the number of tickets you have to bid to get a single click. CPC = CTR * Bid. Good ads will have a low CPC. Bad ads will have a large CPC.

Creating an ad

To create an ad, go to one of your place’s pages’ and press the link “Advertise this place” underneath your avatar.

This will bring you to a page where you can get the ad templates, and upload ads.

Using an ad

Once you have created and uploaded an ad, you can now display it. Go to you profile and press “Ad Inventory”. This brings you to a page where you can run you adds on the site. To start running an ad, press “Run ad” on the right side of the pane. You have to bid money to get you add put up over other people’s ads.

Ad statistics

Impressions: How many times your ad has been shown on a page so far.

Clicks: How many time people have clicked your ad.

CTR: What percentage of showings resulted in people clicking on the ad.

Bid: How much you bid


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